Membership & Benefits

The Benefits of AICVB Membership

  • Professional Development
    The AICVB is a clearinghouse for the sharing of ideas and strategies for the successful management and operation of member CVBs.
  • Educational Opportunities
    Regular association meetings, as well as the AICVB Annual Conference, feature training from practitioners, academicians, and prominent business leaders.
  • Networking/Association Building
    By forming lifelong associations and friendships with peers, AICVB members benefit from the ability to share industry specific news, needs, and resources.
  • Allied Membership

Eligibility for Membership

Membership in the AICVB is vested in the bureau or organization of a given Indiana city or county, organized on a non-profit or quasi-governmental basis, to solicit and service conventions and/or visitors and is recognized by ordinance as the representative organization exercising the function of tourism promotion in a given Indiana city or county.

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