Benefits of Enagic Water in Diabetes and Hyperlipidemia — Evidence from Research Studies

Enagic is a Japanese company offering five different types of ionized water promotes its products for their several health-related benefits, such as detoxification, free radical scavenging, cleansing and disinfection, and improved skin hydration.

However, the benefits of electrolyzed-reduced water extend beyond these conventional benefits of water. Because of their anti-oxidant properties, the products offered by Enagic may have potential benefits in several serious health conditions.

In this article, we are summarizing the scientific evidence available on the benefits of ionized alkaline and acidic water in diabetes and hyperlipidemia.

Can Electrolyzed-Reduced Water Reverse Damage to Pancreatic Cells?

Diabetes is an endocrine disorder that affects over 6% of the total world population. Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus are strongly associated with oxidative damage to the pancreatic cells that produce insulin.

Several studies conducted on animals suggest that electrolyzed-reduced water can suppress the oxidative cell damage and improve secretion of insulin by pancreatic cells. A study conducted on mice concluded that use of electrolyzed-reduced water lead to reduced blood glucose concentration and improved glucose tolerance and insulin release. The study also advocated the water as an effective oral anti-diabetic agent and emphasized the importance of further studies in order to determine the exact mechanism (1).

Effects of Electrolyzed-Reduced Water on Blood Glucose and HbA1C Levels

A couple of randomized-controlled trials have also supported the notion that electrolyzed-reduced water can prove to be beneficial in the management of diabetic patients. A study involving 320 human subjects determined the effect of naturally reduced water from the Nordenau Spring, Germany on several markers. The mean age of subjects who took part in the study was 71.8 years and their daily consumption of reduced water was at least 2 liters.

The results showed that daily consumption of naturally reduced water for only 6 days reduced blood glucose and HbA1c levels significantly. Long-term consumption further reduced the levels. In addition to this, improvements were also observed in the blood cholesterol, low density lipoprotein, and creatine levels.

Another study conducted on diabetic and hyperlipidemic patients evaluated the effects of naturally-reduced water on cholesterol and glucose levels. 115 patients took part in the stud and 89% of them reported a reduction in their blood glucose levels on consumption of naturally reduced water. Lipid profile was improved in 92% of hyperlipidemic patients inducted in the study.

For the full study, see:


Accumulating evidence on the benefits of naturally reduced water in diabetes suggests that the same results can probably be obtained from electrolyzed-reduced water produced by Enagic.

However, the mechanism through which reduced water produces this effect is still not clear and need of systematic studies exists in order to determine the precise benefits of Enagic water and its mechanism of action in different health-related conditions.